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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cannot believe how long it has been since i wrote my blog. However i did try to update my dairy. Those of you that wonders how i have been.. well.. i'm pretty much fine. I got involved in this year's NDP as some of you might be aware.. Been really busy with the training and all.. and of coz accompany my bf.

Recently i had quite a few activities. Lets start with my favourite and most recent. Than i'll share with you all my NDP training process.

25th may 08 National Runway cycling and Blading

To most of you, you might not be aware of this event. So, let me explain. =) *ahem! ahem!* National Runway cycling and blading is a yearly event held for all the cyclist and blading fanatics in Singapore. This year it was a 15km run on the National Airbase. The whole runway where the air craft takes off is being booked for all that attend to cycle or blade.

I went to meet my brother and my NDP friends in the mid of dawn at Eunos with my blades. *Imagine how sleepy i was since i had training the night be4 at bedok camp =.=*. We took the shuttle bus and went over.

It was my first time attending this sort of event and i am really excited. The Runway was packed with cyclist and bladers getting ready. i hop and jump like a little kid going to the amusement park. It was such a sight! So we went throught the checkpoints of army guys for search of weapons and went to one side to wear our blades while some of them get their bikes.

After a little chit-chat, we went over to the starting point. I bladed upfront to the bizarre set up at the starting point and swirl a little around it next thing i know, I got seperated from my brother and friends.

Lost, i just went on on my own hoping i will run into them. Later to find out i was about 7 km away from them. Haahaha.... so i couldn't wait for them at any checkpoints and completed the whole course on my own. It wasn't a easy course, some parts of the road was so bumpy and rough to a point i thought my leg was dead. *bladers will know the feeling of constant effect to the ankle on bumpy grounds* i really feel like i was going to fall at that path. However when i cross the finish line, i was so proud of myself for blading 15km non-stop. It is truely something i will remember for life coz you will never get second chances on this kinda experience. How often can you book at air craft runway to rollerblade? The Answer is maybe Never. I was really very glad i drag myself out of bed to attend the event.

Initally i wanted to go for a second round but i decided they should be closing in soon. Neither did i expect, they went to rest at the water point and took up to an hour to reach ever after skipping 2km =.=''' diao! haha but i really did enjoy myself.

After the exercise, we went to singapore post to have a hearty subway breakfast... yummy! but very also very costly. Ah........ i wish i was back at the runway.... so fun!

18th may o8 Fishing
Fishing trip... maybe a lot of you will go like since when ah ber fish? Well... the truth is, i don't really like fishing. On that week's friday, my bf accompanied me to do something i enjoyed. FOR ONCE! That is rollerblading at East coast. Didn't really enjoy much coz he was complaining his leg hurt and nv complete the whole course i normally do. Anyway, since he accompany me, i was obliged to stay over and go fishing with him COZ IT IS ONLY FAIR. As you can tell from my tone i am going like this-----> O.o coz relationship has nv been fair. Besides, i went fishing a million times with him and he only go blading with me once and he was bringing it up to make me obliged to go with him. Anyway, enduring my fed up emotions, i went with him to fish at seletar reservoir to fish in the hot sun. I was just really not in the mood coz he broken a few promises and did some stupid thing that piss me off as usual. So i got burn that day. fish a little. But the only part i enjoy was throwing the fish line and eating the fish we caught.

well.. there is still lots of stuff i wanna talk about... but now.. need to go toilet so next post than.. love you guys!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR GUYs! It been a while since FYP ended... sure has been a tough year.. but anyway i had a fairly alright new year.

This holiday has been a weird one for me. Hubby and me started to have a lot of fights since he went to Rosette and another guy i got to know started to woo me. But at the end, i still know in my heart i have found the love of my life and despite all hubby's tireness and disregard i still love him all the same. I am determine to make it work for hubby and me and i am ready for us to be as loving as we were at the first day. To clear my distractions i have said clearly to the guy i only love my hubby and though i hurt someone i am glad i did. he was gentleman enough to accept and be just friends.

Hubby i love you. i miss you. come back to me... i want us to be loving again.

i will always be here no matter what others say or readings say.

i will always be faithful and love you with all my heart..

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just have a talk with isaac after getting told off by alvin. But i guess he is right. I have been a bitch to isaac and i'm sorry.

I know i am not all that popular in school for group projects and some thinks i have my priority wrong. But as i said before everyone has their own priority and since i suck at school work, i focus more on other stuff outside and the people i care about.

I know studies are important but since my grandma(mother side) died, it has reminder me to spend time with the ones i love as much as i can so i don't need to have that regret again. That includes you guys. My friends.

So for people who think i suck as a member, i'm sorry.

i never saw the importance in being present becoz i get things done. Now i know it isn't enough.

SOrry Isaac! Really do appreciate your graciousness in taking me in. or i'll be out of school now.

i'm glad we cleared up.

Again sorry for being a bitch

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GothiC Ber

Studying in SP taking Dip. in IT =.=
Suffering from permanent brain damage..super STM
Am bloody noisy when Happy
Am Virgo but Does not act like one

Writing poems Duh! My blog exist for them!
Rock Songs!
Hanging out with frenZZZZZZ
smiling(O.o) so unlike what gothic people should do
ahem!ahem! Crapping =x
Gothic Clothings

Dao Kias!
Bossy Pple!
Pple who don't appreciate friends!
Being stared
My friends being unhappy
Guys who act cool! Totally uncool

skeleton bag-> avaliable at bugis v! hee *hint*
avril's new cd
duffy cd
simple plan cd
lots of money for me to shop $$$
MOST IMPT: my family and frenz to be happy(n_n)


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